Other legal notes

In compliance with the obligations established by the italian law of 7 March 2001, n. 62 it is communicated that this site cannot be considered an editorial product under the aforementioned law as it is not a journalistic publication, it is not periodic, it is updated according to the availability of the material, and it is neither a profit nor any kind of income. gnosys.it does not contain updated information on a regular basis, therefore it cannot be considered "newspaper" or "periodical" pursuant to law 62/01. Whatever text appears there does not have any predetermined cadence. This website does not constitute a news organization. The dissemination of material inside the website, is not periodic and is subject to the availability of the material itself. Italian Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70 to art. 7, paragraph 3, specifies that: “The registration of the electronic publishing header is obligatory exclusively for the activities for which the service providers intend to avail themselves of the provisions provided for by the law of 7 March 2001, n. 62 ". gnosys.it does not make use of the provisions provided for by the law of 7 March 2001, n. 62. The material published on this site may include opinions, statements, and content in general. The operator and owner of this site is not responsible for the control or verification of such content, including its accuracy, reliability or compliance with copyright laws. All published articles are considered unpaid. The material sent to us, even if not published, will not be returned. All external links to information provided by third parties do not depend on the operator and owner of the gnosys.it site. These external links may contain information subject to copyright by the legitimate owners. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective companies. In compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, 196 (Personal Data Protection Code), www.gnosys.it respects the privacy protection of anyone who writes or converses with the webmaster by providing personal information. According to the art. 2 of the law of 8 February 1948 n. 47, which regulates the "Mandatory information on printed matter", follow the data relating to: place and year of publication, the name or business name and domicile of the printer and the publisher, the owner of the website and its contents. -On-line publication: 01/06/2019: 01/06/2019 -Hosting Provider: tophost.it -Responsible for the website: Lucio Ghezzo In addition: the author of this site declares to observe the articles of the law n. 633 of 1941 and its subsequent following changes. (Protection of copyright and other rights related to its exercise) Art. 96 The portrait of a person cannot be exhibited, reproduced or marketed without its consent, without prejudice to the provisions of the following article. After the death of the retracted person the provisions of the 2 / a, 3 / a and 4 / a comma of the art. 93. Art. 97 The consent of the person portrayed is not required when the reproduction of the image is justified by the notoriety. However, the portrait cannot be exhibited or put on the market, when the display or marketing puts a detriment to the honor, reputation or even the decorum of the person portrayed. Art. 98 Unless otherwise agreed, the photographic portrait executed on commission may be published, reproduced or made to be reproduced without the photographer's consent by the photographed person or by his successors, except for payment to the latter, by whom commercially uses the reproduction of a fair consideration. The name of the photographer, when appearing on the original photograph, must be indicated. The provisions of the last paragraph of article 88 are applicable. CHAPTER VIII Protection of the title, of the headings, of the external appearance of the work of the articles and of news - prohibition of certain acts of unfair competition. Art. 100 The title of the work cannot be reproduced on top of another work without the consent of the author. The prohibition does not extend to works that are of a species or character so different that any possibility of confusion is excluded. It is also forbidden to reproduce the texts which are used in the website. (…) Art. 101 The reproduction of information and news is lawful provided. It is not carried out with the use of acts contrary to honest practices in journalistic matters and provided that the source is cited. The following are considered unlawful acts: a) The reproduction or broadcasting, without authorization, of newsletters distributed by news agencies or information agencies, before sixteen hours have passed since the publication of the bulletin itself and in any case, before their publication in a newspaper or another magazine that has received the right from the agency. To this end, in order for the aforementioned agencies to take action against those who have illicitly used them, the bulletins must be provided with the exact indication of the day and time of branching, b) Systematic reproduction of information or news, published or broadcast, for profit, either by newspapers or other magazines, or by broadcasting companies. Art. 102 It is forbidden as an act of unfair competition, the reproduction or imitation over other works of the same species, of the heads, of the emblems, of the friezes, of the dispositions of signs or printing characters and of any other particular form or color in the external aspect of the work of the genius, when said reproduction or imitation is apt to create confusion of work or author. Any unwanted insertion of photos and articles on this site, even if published in accordance with the law, will still be removed within 24 hours by sending email. By law, the webmaster is not responsible for messages posted on the site and is not obliged to check 24 hours on.