From rocky painting to emoji: the emoticon

The natural transposition of the smile into the digital world takes place with the birth of the first emoticon in 1982. In a post on Carnegie Mellon University intranet chat, Scott Fahlman, proposes to use the sequence of characters ":-)" to give an ironic connotation to the written messages. From that moment on, reproductions of facial expressions are multiplied through punctuation or glyphs, with so-called emoticons. The name emoticon the crasis (mixture) of the words emotion and icon or icons that convey emotions. Smilies or emoticons spread widely, becoming an essential content in text messages, Whatsapp messages and Email until the advent of emojis. In a recent interview,, Scott Falham defines the hideous emojis. He said that they deprive the user of the challenge of transmitting an emotion with only the characters. He rectifies that he probably supports this thesis only because he didn't invent them ;-)